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Eye Surgeon In Nottingham

Mrs Dalia G Said

Vision and Sight Services

 First Class Ophthalmology Care 

Dr Dalia Said is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon in Queens Medical centre, Nottingham and an Honorary Associate Professor at Nottingham University. She specialises in: cataract and lens surgery, refractive surgery, laser eye surgery, corneal diseases and transplantations, management of dry eyes, keratoconus and ocular surface problems. She has over 20 years’ experience as a Specialist Ophthalmologist.

Education and Experience

After graduating in 1994 with distinction, Dr Said completed her residency, Master and M.D degree in Ophthalmology. This was followed by intensive training with 2 corneal fellowships in Nottingham and an oculoplastic fellowship. She sub-specialised and gained extensive experience in managing corneal infections, keratoconus, performing full and partial thickness corneal grafts. Treating patients with dry eyes, and stem cell failure, Dr Said is a highly trained cataract surgeon with experience in performing complex cataract surgery and anterior segment reconstruction. She has passed the cataract and refractive surgery post graduate Diploma from Ulster University with commendations

Dr Said has had an international career, working in both England and Egypt. She has gained extensive experience in managing keratoconus, corneal infections and scarring, complex cataract and refractive surgery and mastered the advancing techniques of corneal transplantation.



Research and Academic Career

Dr Said is internationally recognised, and regularly travels as an invited speaker to give lectures in Europe, USA and the Middle East. She also delivers training courses to young ophthalmologists on cataract, lens and corneal surgery in the ESASO course in Switzerland, and EU cornea conferences. She has regularly delivered training to ophthalmologists from all over the world, at the Royal College of Ophthalmologists cornea curriculum course for the last 12 years.

Dr Said has over 70 publications in pear reviewed journals and contributed to 10 book chapters.  She has been involved in multiple multicentre trials as well as supervised and trained PHD students and fellows. She has been appointed as an Honorary Clinical Associate Professor in Nottingham University in 2017 and holds the title of Professor of Ophthalmology from the Research Institute of Ophthalmology in Egypt.

Dr Said specialises in emergency eye care and is the clinical lead of eye casualty in Nottingham University Hospitals.

Dr Said is fluent in both English and Arabic.

Personalised patient care and delivering evidenced based medicine is at the core of Dr Said’s practice.  She is passionate about helping people with what is considered one of the most important thing in life “vision”. If you are looking for an eye surgeon in Nottingham, Derby or Mansfield, please get in touch to book a treatment with Dr. Said at Vision and Sight Services.

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Eye surgeon in Nottingham. Cataract treatments.


The eye is like a camera, your lens focuses the light on the sensitive part of the eye to enable you to see clearly. When your lens becomes cloudy with age, trauma or disease that is called cataract. Your vision becomes increasingly blurred and may eventually be lost. You may become sensitive to light and unable to read in dim conditions or drive. Cataract surgery is a day case procedure done mostly under local anaesthesia. It involves the removal of your own cloudy lens and implantation of a plastic lens inside your own capsule which will restore your vision and can be tailored to treat any astigmatism as well.

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Eye surgeon in Nottingham. Lens Capsular Opacification Treatment.

Lens Capsular Opacification

In some patients the lens capsule can become thickened a few months or years after cataract surgery. When this occurs, the vision will become fuzzy. YAG laser capsulotomy is a very simple and common office procedure which can be done to make an opening in the opaque capsule and restores vision immediately.

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Eye surgeon in Nottingham. Refractive Lens Surgery Treatment.

Refractive Lens Surgery

There are a number of treatments available to correct long sighted and short-sighted vision and to get rid of glasses. This is completed either by putting a contact lens inside the eye in front of your own lens (Phakic implants), or replacing your own lens with a lens that corrects your short or long sightedness or both (Multifocal lens). The lens can be also custom made to correct any astigmatism (Toric lens).

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Eye surgeon in Nottingham. Refractive Laser Surgery Treatment.

Refractive Laser Surgery

Refractive laser surgery can reshape your cornea and remove scarring. Refractive laser surgery can correct long sightedness, short sightedness and astigmatism. It is crucial to do a thorough examination to check that refractive laser surgery is suitable for your eye. If you suffer from dry eye or have high errors or keratoconus, laser surgery may not be suitable for you and other alternative measures are available to correct your refractive error.

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Eye surgeon in Nottingham. Corneal graft surgery treatment.

Corneal Surgery

The cornea is the front transparent part of the eyeballs that allows the light to enter the eye and together with your lens focus the light on the retina (the light sensitive receptor inside the eye) so it can be transmitted to your brain. The cornea can change shape or become opaque in many diseases such as keratoconus, Fuchs endothelial dystrophy or develop scars after infections. This can impact significantly on your vision. There are a number of corneal transplant procedures to replace only the diseased part of your cornea (DALK, DSAEK, DMEK. PDEK Procedures).

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Eye surgeon in Nottingham. Ocular Surface Disease Treatments.

Ocular Surface Diseases

Severe dry eyes, especially those associated with systemic conditions, chronic inflammation and injury by trauma or chemicals can reduce your vision. Corneal transplants will not survive in the absence of a healthy ocular surface and good innervation. Stem cell transplants and ocular surface reconstruction can replenish your stem cells and restore vision.

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Thank you for the way you cared for me. You really restored my confidence and gave me peace of mind. You are a lovely person on the outside and in.

To my amazing Dr Dalia Said. Thank you so much for all you have done for me, without your hard work I would be blind

Thank you for all the care you have given me over the past few months. You have always done your best and I’ve felt safe and reassured at all times. I appreciate you going the extra mile to squeeze me into your busy schedule.

Thank you so much for all your support and advice about my eyes this year, it’s very much appreciated.


If you are looking for an eye surgeon in Nottingham, Derby or Mansfield, please get in touch at Vision and Sight Services.


Practice Venues

The Park Hospital, Nottingham

  : Sherwood Lodge Drive Burntstump Country Park, Arnold NG5 8RX


Sec. Julie lawson (Monday-Thursday)

 01159 662160 (Direct)


Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

 : Derby Road, Nottingham NG7 2UH

 : 0115 9249924 (Ext 63544)

  : 0115 8493354 (Direct)

Spire Nottingham Hospital

 : Tollerton Lane, Tollerton, Nottingham NG12 4GA

  : 0115 937 7735/01159377657

 Sec.Eleanor Parish (Mon-Fri 9-5)

   :  0115 9377687( Direct)

 :  Eleanor.Parish@spirehealthcare.com