Refractive Lens Surgery



Refractive Lens Exchange

Removal of the lens (without a cataract present) and insertion of appropriate powered lens to give good vision without glasses.

When an individual is short or long sighted, the lens can be removed much the same way as a cataract. A replacement implant can be placed that can be tailored for distant vision or near vision or both if suitable, or for distant vision in one eye and near vision in the other  (monovision).




Phakic Implants. Eye surgeon in Nottingham

Phakic Implants

Placement of additional artificial lens in the eye to give good vision without glasses or contact lens. Also referred to as an Implantable Contact Lens (IPCL) or Artisan/Verisyse lens.

Another way to deal with people who have to wear thick glasses or contact lenses in which their eyes may not be suitable for laser refractive surgery is by placing a contact lens in the eye without doing anything to the natural lens of the eye. This is most suitable for younger individuals, and does not disturb any tissue of the eye. It is also completely reversible.




Cataract Surgery With Toric Lens Implant

Removal of cataract with implant of a lens designed to correct astigmatism (when the eyeball is shaped like a rugby ball instead of a football).

When the eye is oval in shape like a rugby ball, a regular implant will not correct all defects. A specially designed lens is needed to correct focusing. This is called a Toric lens and is inserted after removal of the clear lens or cataract.




Cataract Surgery With Multi-focal Lens Implant

Removal of cataract with implant of lens designed to correct distance and near vision.

Most lenses placed after cataract surgery correct one focus point such as distant vision or near vision. Multi-focal implants are designed for correction of distant vision, intermediate distance and near vision all at the same time. They are not suitable for everyone as they can cause haloes, ghosting and night vision problems. Special tests are needed to decide if they are suitable for your eye or not.



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