Cataract (Opacity in the Lens of the Eye)



Eye surgeon in Nottingham Dr. Dalia G. Said. Phacoemulsification of the Lens with Implant.

Phacoemulsification of the Lens with Implant

Cataract surgery using ultrasound pulse energy with intraocular lens implant.

When the lens inside your eye goes cloudy, this is called a cataract. When the cataract is removed, it needs to be replaced with a plastic lens of suitable power to ensure your eye can focus.




Extracapsular Extraction of Lens

Cataract surgery without ultrasound pulse energy with or without intraocular lens implant.

This surgery is needed when the cataract is very hard, or swelling and scarring has decreased visibility through the cornea.




Secondary Lens Implant for Aphakia

Insertion of lens implant in eyes where previous operation was done without an implant.

On certain occasions, cataract surgery is performed without replacing the lens implant, because the support for the implant is damaged. A specially designed lens is normally placed at a later date and secured with stitching.



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