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Limbal (Stem Cell) Transplantation 1. Eye surgeon in Nottingham.

Limbal (Stem Cell) Transplantation 2. Eye surgeon in Nottingham.

Limbal (Stem Cell) Transplantation: Autologous, Living Related and Cadaver Donors

Restoring the clarity of the eye after extensive damage as in chemical or thermal burns, chronic longstanding infections and diseases.

Chronic inflammation and injury to the eyes can cause scarring which will reduce vision. Simple corneal transplants and graft procedures are ineffective because there is no healthy surface. However, the surface can be restored from a stem cell transplant from a healthy part of the eye or from a donor. After the surface has been restored, a corneal transplant/graft may not be required.




Ocular Surface Reconstruction. Eye surgeon in Nottingham.

Ocular Surface Reconstruction (ACER)

Amnion Assisted Conjunctival Epithelial Re-direction (ACER) is a technique for restoring the structure and clarity of the ocular surface after extensive damage, using amnion with stem cells.

The amniotic membrane is used by itself or in combination with stem cell transplant procedures in ocular surface reconstructions. The ACER technique is used to improve the outcomes of cell transplant procedures.



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